Most physicians and dentists are at a disadvantage when it comes to dealing with personal, financial, and professional matters that are unrelated to the things they have been taught in their medical/dental education.  Even if they have received the best medical/dental education in the world, chances are their training did not provide them with the tools necessary to address the realities of the business of medicine/dentistry or for their own financial well-being.

The results of poor decisions/strategies and missing out on opportunities to increase efficiency, etc. not only affect their families but also their professional relationships with colleagues, partners, and hospitals.

Salus Resource Group was formed to help these professionals to deal with the things that are unrelated to medicine and/or dentistry.

Salus Resource Group is a collection of business owners and professionals that serve physicians and dentists across various disciplines.


Why Salus?



Salus Publica Populi Romani (‘Goddess of the welfare of the Roman people’)


Salus is a Roman goddess, the god of healing, whose staff, with a snake coiled round it, is symbolic of the practice of medicine.  She was the personification of well-being (health and prosperity) of both the individual and the state.  Her role was to feed and care for her father’s sacred snakes and act as his assistant.  She was worshiped as being responsible for the welfare, not just of individuals, but of the people as a whole.  Her name in Greek and Roman comes down to us in such words as ‘hygiene,’ ‘salve’ and ‘salubrious,’ and even ‘salute’ and ‘safe.’


Occasionally, Salus has a tall Staff in her left hand with a snake twined around it; Sometimes her right hand raises a smaller female figure. Later, Salus is shown standing, feeding her snake. This became the commonest pose: she is standing and grasping the wriggling snake firmly under her arm, directing it to the food she holds out on a dish in her other hand.



Salus is also commonly holding a steering oar in her left hand (indicates her role in guiding the emperor through a healthy life).

Salus Resource Group – We are here to “serve” the “emperor”…..yes, that refers to you physicians & dentists!

Contact us today to meet with us.  We can help you to grow your practice, to plan things in your personal financial and personal life, etc, etc.