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Why Rush to Bad Debt?

Are you writing off all encounters to the Collection Agency at 90 days? Why?   Collection companies will charge a premium to chase your patients and insurance companies who are not paying. You have to make sure that you exhausted your efforts before paying that 25% fee (or higher). So how hard do you work […]

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Stop Missing Out on Critical Care Billing

Too many doctors miss out on income because they fail to bill appropriately for critical care they are providing for their patients.   Before we begin we need to clarify exactly what meets the definition of critical care. Forget what you were taught in medical school about a code being called on a patient who […]

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How to best evaluate and incentivize your group of physicians

It is time to adopt a quality driven incentive model for your group of providers. In the past, the RVU model was a decent way to determine productivity, which was central in increasing income for a fee for service model. We are well on our way to a quality model, but we still have significant […]

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Buying ‘tail’ insurance

During a physician’s period of employment, the malpractice liabilities are generally covered by a “claims-made” or “occurrence-based” insurance, the former being cheaper than the latter. Occurrence based insurance is costlier because it provides seamless coverage to a physician even when he leaves a practice and joins another. In such cases, the professional negligence is covered […]

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Are Non-compete clauses legal?

In order to understand whether non-compete clauses are legally binding and the kind of consequences that they can bear, it is important to understand what these clauses really are. A Non-compete clause, also known as covenant not to compete (CNC), is an agreement between two parties wherein one of them (usually the employee) agrees to […]

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